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Debra Sheehan

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Debra Sheehan
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About Debra

I have been in the wellness/healing business for 30+years. I have enjoyed assisting clients to find more ease and balance in the body, mind and emotions. 

Like many of us who come into this field to find wholeness within, it was about my own healing at first.  I had many health issues.  I experienced many things that shifted my nervous system to one predominantly run by the sympathetic branch.  I knew I had to re-wire myself if I was going to find health, deeper connections with others, peace and happiness.  I did using the HeartMath system. 

Personally in learning this work, it opened my heart .  I never realized how closed this heart center was until I began to practice.  I believe it even healed my mitral valve!  

My goal even as a little child was to live with an open loving heart!  Life is more fun, alive and wondrous since I  removed the blockages.

How I use the HeartMath System

As I listened to my clients I learned that one core issue they had in common was stress.  This "stress response" (issues with family, finances, work/life balance, relationships etc causing their emotional/physical pain and mental conflicts) was being turned on with little knowledge of how to turn it off anytime, anywhere .  This system is effective in doing this!

We lose what really matters to us and then we disengage from each other and life.

Using these tools, helps to balance this imbalance allowing us to be more centered, aware, and present.  Bringing people back to their own true nature (heart)is what is needed so much at this time on the planet.  The Dalai Lama even says we must warm our heart.

I have taught at Spiritual Centers, schools/universities , small businesses ,and non-profit organizations.

All my clients, if they are bodywork clients, I teach this to them when they come in anxious, overwhelmed or just plain out of sorts. In working with trauma, I  use this skill when things surface so they can manage the deep emotions and get comfortable with sensations.

I have taught my own grandchildren in the moment when they were experiencing high emotional charges.  This has been my deepest joy to pass this skill onto the next generation!!!