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Gale Thompson

Gale Thompson & Associates LLC
District of Columbia 20007
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Gale Thompson
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Gale Thompson & Associates LLC
4049 Mansion Dr NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20007
United States

About Gale

I love helping people lead their lives and their work from a place of grounded clarity of purpose.  As experienced leaders in large organizations, many of us approach our work from a stressed out, overloaded, overwhelmed and reactive place.  I help leaders identify and use their strengths effectively, tap their wisdom, and communicate their intentions so that not only are they more effective and fulfilled but they positively influence those around them so the work is easier, the outcomes better, and the people more engaged and satisfied.

How I use the HeartMath System

Heartmath is a critical ingredient in moving past a triggered nervous system to a place of calm from which wisdom and clarity can naturally emerge.  I have learned that when my strengths and nervous system are triggered - feeling under threat for whatever reason - I never get good results.  When I can become aware of my triggers, calm my nervous system using Heartmath and other techniques, and tap into what my real intentions are and my knowledge about the best ways of getting there, I'm much more effective.  Heartmath was one of the first and remains the most effective arrow in my quiver to go to the heart of things.  I practice it regularly and have raised the threshold of where my nervous system gets activated.  In enjoy helping others learn about their nervous system, become aware of when it's triggered, and learn techniques to manage it so they're working skillfully with their strengths and nervous system rather than having their nervous system hijack them.  It is one of our most basic leadership and management roles to manage our own strengths and nervous system.  No one can do this work for us but others can support us in learning...