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Irene Malachowsky

easeful living, llc
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Irene Malachowsky
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easeful living, llc
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About Irene

As an experienced registered nurse and yoga instructor I chose to specialize in stress management for two reasons: The first reason was personal and the second was inspired by a patient, a retired judge, who after experiencing the beneficial effects of a stress management class I facilitated asked, "Why didn't I learn this before I had my heart attack?"  His statement was simple yet went straight to my heart. This patient's experience, unfortunately, is not unique. Stress does not discriminate; if left unchecked the effects of stress are far-reaching.   As a health professional, I felt we failed him and I wanted, no needed to change that.
Wanting to empower others I decided to combine my medical knowledge, yoga experience, and the tools and techniques developed from over 25 years of research at the HeartMath® Institute. I have become a trusted stress management coach and mentor for others as they move towards living healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.

How I use the HeartMath System

Many of us are busy juggling the issues and demands of family, work, home, health, and self which can often leave one feeling over-worked, stressed out, often too exhausted or unaware there is anything they can do to make a difference.  I understood his frustration as I'd been there too. The HeartMath® system gave me the tools to transform stress in the moment and over time, with practice I've learned to let go of the habit of worry and the anxiety that had haunted me most of my adult life.   I'm very passionate about sharing this amazing system with others.
Easeful Living was conceived in my 65th year for people like you who find the stress of living in our busy, fast-paced, ever-changing world more and more challenging.  Its mission is to provide the support and proven methods to enhance self-awareness and empower you to transform stress and build personal resilience to live the life you imagine!