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Jan Carlin

Note: Recently contact information showing on directory was being used inappropriately to market to our certified professionals. As a result, we've created a temporary "patch."
Currently all inquiries are being directed to our team via one primary address to verify they are valid and then directing valid inquiries to the desired certified professional.
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Mindful Works
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About Jan

A veteran healthcare professional, Jan Carlin RN, MS, CPC, CRC, developed the first hospital based wellness program on the West Coast of Florida, and the first Employee Assistance Program. Jan brings decades of experience and expertise to her clients, meeting their specific needs by creating personalized strategies and tackling challenges with confidence and energy. Working with individuals, groups and business, Jan is also a noted public speaker. Utilizing the HeartMath system, Jan's warm and dynamic style encourages self exploration and finding one's individual strengths. 

How I use the HeartMath System

Mindful Works engages people to recover their whole health by building on a foundation of their greatest strengths. Workshops offering professional staff development training can be strategically designed to meet corporate or clinical demands. Participants engage with a renewed sense of optimism , motivation and a genuine sense of positive direction.