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Joan Randell

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Joan Randell
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About Joan

I completed my post secondary education in Psychology/Sociology at the University of Alberta and I retired from a career in property management.  I just recently received my Yoga Instructor Certification as well as my Heart-Math Coach/Mentor certification .  It is my intention to use the knowledge and skills  I've gained to conduct private (one on one) and semi private (small group) sessions with individuals who are interested in learning and gaining the skills to build the personal resilience and strength to navigate through these troubling times.  I know that each of us can contribute in a very positive way to the world around matter how negative it may appear on the evening news, no matter how overwhelmed we may feel -- we just need to learn how.  And I am happy to be a part of a group whose sole intention is to do just that--showing people How.  As I become more experienced I would like to continue my training to teach larger groups.

How I use the HeartMath System

The techniques I've learned from my training are part of my daily routine.  I start off my day with Heart-Focused breathing and Meditation and I end my day the same way.   In between, I get to spend my day learning -- I try to be in a perpetual state of learning.   It is my intention to be a great teacher and I don't think I can be that, unless I'm a great student.  I also use my Inner Balance Technology as much as possible,  I find it is a really great tool in teaching myself what it FEELS like to be in a coherent state.  So I can get there quickly when the tool is not handy.