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Lara Lucaccioni

Lara Lucaccioni
Marche 62100

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Lara Lucaccioni
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Lara Lucaccioni
Macerata, Marche 62100

About Lara

I am the main Italian Laughter Yoga Master trainer and one of the most active in the world and I am a Heartmath® trainer. I am often a speaker in big events, national and international, trainer in the field of stress management, conflict management and team building.

Through unconditional laughter, the techniques of Heartmath®, the work on positive emotions and emotional intelligence, I take care of helping people and organizations to manage stress, to increase their vital energy, to go to maximum performance, to be focused, to enhance resilience, communicate and relate better, work effectively in groups.

I worked in accredited medical institutions, in AUSL, in Hilton hotel, in Microsoft and in medium and small companies.

Expert in the science of happiness I'm in the network of "positive genes" of 2bHappy, spreading practices of happiness. The network deals with happiness and wellbeing in organizations  and they are supporting The resilience advantage workshop.

How I use the HeartMath System

I daily practice Heart Focused breathing, Quick Coherence and Heart Lock-In technique and I think they are really powerful tools.
I was a very emotional person and HeartMath's emotional self-regulation techniques have improved my life in an extraordinary way. Now I manage my emotions with a lot of centering and I am very often coherent, even while I do things that I like, like reading. It is as if my breath, when I choose to slow it consciously, tune in automatically on 5 seconds in inspiration and 5 seconds in expiration.
I have been using Inner Balance for two years on a daily basis, with very high coherent scores: for example, I had an average of 7 and a peak of 12 in a strongly coherent session.
The fact of having built a new baseline is the result that gives me more satisfaction about the practice: events that previously stressed me now I manage them with calm and presence. I increasingly remember to do Inner ease and breathe calm in moments of strong compression and I feel its effectiveness strong.
I am very grateful, because the energy I have available is so great and I can see that I am still clearer when I speak or teach, as if it were my most evolved part to speak.
And the insights come ever clearer and more powerful. I feel the intelligence of the heart in action and it is as if more and more things come right at the right time.