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Lori Roa

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Lori Roa
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Clearwater, Florida 33767
United States

About Lori

I have spent most of my career in the high-octane corporate world and have experienced the destructive impact of living a stress-fueled life. I became passionate about the art and science of resilience as a result of a personal health crisis many years ago that led me to examine my own life and take deliberate steps to restore my well being. I became the scientist of my own life and as my life transformed, I was inspired to share this knowledge with others. 

With a background that includes education, speaking, training and leadership; I offer educational trainings and coaching to individuals, groups and corporate teams interested in learning practical tools to help them create resilient living and working environments that will support their goals and ultimate well-being.


How I use the HeartMath System

As a HeartMath certified trainer, I use the Heartmath The Resilience Advantage Program to teach people practical tools to manage stress and live more resilient lives.