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Marina Amat

Virginia 20175
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Marina Amat

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Leesburg, Virginia 20175
United States

About Marina

Change Brokers™| Personal, Organizational, Sociocultural Change

Marina is a sociocultural anthropologist with a mission for social betterment—applying technology solutions to promote positive personal, organizational, and sociocultural change.

By focusing on her heart center, Marina founded a mission-driven consulting firm, AMATEA (, guided by the desire expressed in the company tagline, Technology at the heart of social change.


Social & Cultural Change

AMATEA is committed to applying technology solutions to social problems—in the areas of Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Women in Development, Cyber Crime, Rural Development, and Emergency Response—and making a positive impact in local and global communities.

AMATEA has been recognized by the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for Community Service and is proud to support Touching Heart, a local non-profit empowering children to put compassion into action through philanthropy to benefit school-aged children in need worldwide; and Empowerment International, a community-based organization helping to keep extremely poor, young children from remote villages in school in Nicaragua.

How I use the HeartMath System

Personal & Organizational Change

Marina integrates HeartMath techniques and technology into her daily living and practice of meditation, contemplation, and formation in Carmelite spirituality.   As a HeartMath® Certified Mentor, she encourages heart-centered approaches to authentic leadership, business, and social interactions with stakeholders—customers, employees, partners, communities.

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