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Rama Inza

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Rama Inza
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About Rama

Everyone loves to feel in love. It’s universal. Giving people a means to have access more frequently and consistently to this is possibly the most valuable skill we can share. More people having access to this makes the world a more loving and viable place for everyone. This is what I am 100% committed to.
I have over 30 years of experience practicing massage therapy. I’ve found the magic in this healing art, for me, comes from tuning into the intuitive information that comes from connecting to my clients. The special ingredient in my bodywork is love. All modalities become exponentially more effective once this is in the work.
A couple years ago I began craving a vehicle to share this connection and healing on a bigger platform- not limited to the one-on-one physical setting.
Finding HeartMath became my vehicle.
I immersed myself in the techniques and practice, researched the science and read the testimonials. I fell in love with following my heart, building resilience and validation of the power of intuitive knowing verses brain knowing (and how to best use both).
I became an ambassador.
Now, with HeartMath, I have a vehicle to teach people how to have access to this knowing for themselves to develop and grow stronger in their everyday lives, not just on the massage table! Giving people permission, techniques and support to live from the heart is one of the most powerful tools in healing, creating balance and living the life you love.

How I use the HeartMath System

I use the HeartMath system in a few ways.

I offer private mentoring sessions, small group sessions, Family Brave Heart Connection Parties , and a 3 week intensive program called Brave Heart Boot Camp.

In my massage practice I offer an option to incorporate a half hour session with your massage appointment.  It’s a beautiful way to start a session and use the massage to keep coming back to heart. For regular clients we follow up on practices used throughout the week and their results.

In every massage I use HeartMath to have clients breathe into heart and remind them to drop into this space a couple of times during their session.

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