Sandra Pettigrew

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Sandra Pettigrew

An Intrepid Heart
Oregon 97540
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Sandra Pettigrew
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An Intrepid Heart
201A N 1st St
Talent, Oregon 97540
United States

About Sandra

'Every life has a challenge - every heart has an answer'.  We each hold the answers to our own truth, health and happiness.  Sometimes we need help navigating the body, mind, soul to find that truth.  I'm a breast cancer survivor, mother, grandmother and community crone (wise woman).  I have spent a lifetime exploring inner truth and well being.  My mission is to pay forward all I have learned in this wonderful, crazy search.  I have experience as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, 30+ years as a Massage Therapist.  

How I use the HeartMath System

I am a Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor and Trainer.  Of all the techniques I've used to tap into my inner truth, I have found HeartMath is the most expedient and easiest to learn, use and incorporate into my daily life.  Whether deciding to change old habits that do not serve, explore personal spirituality, or face a life threatening disease - HeartMath has a technique that creates resilience allowing heart and mind to be in coherence.  Coherence is defined as: the quality of forming a unified whole.  This coherence translates into the ability to handle stressful situations, clarity in decision making, ease in communication ... all which lead to a healthier life in body, mind and soul.