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Susan Radcliffe

Resilient Living, LLC
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Susan Radcliffe
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Resilient Living, LLC
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About Susan

I was certified as a HeartMath Trainer in 2003, with multiple continuing updated and certifications since that time.  As a Nurse and an Educator I have taught thousands of students, peers, patients and families, the tools that get them through strenuous situations. These large groups have been part of University Education for Nurses, Hospital Staff, Patients and Families in Acute Care and Clinic Settings and the general public Wellness Programs and more.

My perception today, is that our young people are massively overstimulated and consequently overwhelmed, leading to less ability to navigate solution oriented living, unless they learn to proactively develop the neuropathways to allow the body to optimally function. (in-Sync).  My focus now is to get this information to as many people as possible, to change the pathway to health and happiness and fulfilled living, vs. that over overwhelmed, stressed victims who are just surviving, not thriving.

I welcome you to a journey of Living Life to its Fullest.  What I learned from the wisdom of people fighting for their Lives and Health, is that

 " Life is Too Short to be Miserable, No Matter How Long You Live"

How I use the HeartMath System

I have integrated the HeartMath tools into my everyday living as an individual and as an Educator.  Having done this for over 15 years, I can say I am healthier and more energetic than I was in 2003 before finding HeartMath tools.  (My heart rate variability is better now than it was then).  

As an educator, I have the opportunity to introduce these tools to everyone I come in contact with in the classroom and clinical settings. Classroom results have shown that the students who learn and use these tools, are much more successful in meeting the challenges of learning, testing and performing in their various professions.  I let the students (who are now often 3 generations younger than I), that I am teaching them, what I need to know.  They let me know, they are teaching their young families as well. Together we get through tough situations and learn to appreciate life more everyday.