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Tania Russell

Heart-Centered Health & Wellbeing

New Zealand

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Tania Russell
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Heart-Centered Health & Wellbeing
, Auckland
New Zealand

About Tania

Hello, I'm Tania, a Heart-Centered Health & Wellbeing Coach based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I'm a certified HeartMath Coach, a Golden Heart Wisdom Ambassador, and a qualified Osteopath practicing in Auckland.

I offer workshops, group programs and 1-1 sessions, online and in-person, teaching HeartMath tools and Heart-centered practices and philosophies for enhanced health and wellbeing.

I love using these practices to tune into my heart, for clarity when I’m not sure, for alignment to my true center when things feel jumbled. For smoothing and settling things through when life feels chaotic or my mind gets carried away in judgement. For creating ease and a clear way forward when things feels stuck or hard, and overall, for enhancing the enjoyment of all of life's experiences.

And I love getting to share these practices and philosophies with like-minded people, seeing our lives flourish from the inside out and all around us, into lives we love. I find it's always more fun and easier as we go forward together.

If you're new to this heart work, just curious to dip your toe in to see what it's all about, or want to join in with welcoming heart-based groups, programs and practices that resonate with you, please click the links below. I and our community would love for you to join us.

*Youtube video to follow

How I use the HeartMath System

I personally use the HeartMath techniques consciously 2-3 times per day and then whenever I need to on-call throughout the day. They are so quick and with practice become even easier and automatic. We're retraining the brain and body back to it's centre, back to it's Heart. I find it harmonising and enjoyable.   


I love sharing these HeartMath tools and Heart-Centered practices and philosophies I find so empowering, through workshops, group programs and 1-1 sessions, online and in person and watching other's lives flourish too. I hope to be able to share them with you soon too.

Here’s an easier, more fluid and enjoyable way to move through life. Come home to the power of your Heart...